Mental Health for Musicians

At the core of our non-profit mission is to reduce suicide in our music community. For the last four years, Boise Hive Mental Health Coordinator Anne Padilla and volunteers have paired musicians in need of counseling with volunteer licensed mental health counselors.

BSU has paired up with Boise Hive to provide social work interns that give real world work experience to students and support our mental health mission.

With ongoing fundraising, public support and grant writing, in 2020 Boise Hive entered into Phase II of our mental health program. Phase II continues with our relationships with volunteer mental health professionals AND also opens up available funds to musicians in need of mental health counseling and/or assistance with medications. In our first federal grant with the National Endowment for the Arts, Boise Hive is proud to offer an outreach of our successful military veterans programs. This program amplifies the power of music out of the Hive and into more familiar settings to give our valued veterans a mental health boost.

Fundraising During COVID 19

Almost all of our fundraising efforts are centered around live music events, but all of these events have been postponed or cancelled this year due to COVID-19. Performance opportunities are down, need for rehearsal space is down and our normal revenue is down 70% since March.

Without the funds to keep this space open, our role as a music community center connecting musicians to the resources they need is in jeopardy. We don’t want to lose the Boise hive, especially in the midst of the additional stresses due to COVID-19. The Boise Hive needs your help to get through this!

You can help us reach our goal and join us for a special Live@TheHive streamcast Saturday October 17th. Any amount you can give will help! Please help Boise Hive get through the COVID-19 era. Your donations allow us to continue our mission to prevent suicide in our music community.

The Boise Hive is a 501(c), and your donations are tax deductible.