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Why Volunteer at Boise Hive?

Boise Hive stands at the intersection of music and mental well-being. Our primary focus is to prevent suicide in the music and creative community, and we believe that with your help, we can make a huge difference. Volunteering with us goes beyond supporting arts and culture. You're directly aiding our mission to safeguard the mental health of musicians.

Skill Development

From event coordination and multimedia to counseling, Boise Hive presents diverse opportunities to apply and grow your skills while making a difference.

Community Engagement

Connect with a driven community of volunteers, musicians, and professionals. Together, we aim to change lives, one note at a time.

Real-World Experience

Combine your passion for music with practical, hands-on experiences in mental health support, outreach, and event management.

Join Us

The Volunteer Experience at Boise Hive

Collaborative Environment:
We prioritize teamwork, mutual respect, and shared goals. Each volunteer is integral to our mission.

Continuous Learning:
Enhance your understanding of mental health issues, the music industry's challenges, and the nuances of community outreach.

Direct Impact:
The work you do here has tangible effects. Witness the positive changes in the lives of those you assist, from emerging musicians to individuals seeking mental health resources.

Dynamic Spaces:
Boise Hive's facilities range from dedicated rehearsal studios to multimedia areas and spaces for community events. Each environment is designed to support, inspire, and drive our mission forward.

Interested? Reach out, share your preferred role, and join our collective effort at Boise Hive.

Beyond the Music

What do you want to help with?

We have many volunteer roles, whether you're driven by a love for music, a desire to improve mental health, or both, we've got a role for you.

Front Desk Volunteer Role

  • Welcome and assist our guests, becoming the face of the Hive during your four-hour shift.
  • Serve as the primary contact for rehearsal room inquiries and manage the ongoing activities of the Hive.

Mental Health and Services Volunteer Role

Become a beacon of support, whether leading sobriety groups, offering music therapy, counseling services, or joining our monthly mental health meetings.

  • Sobriety Group: Act as a committed AA or NA group leader (training and accreditation required).
  • Music Therapy: Offer lessons or therapy sessions
  • Suicide Survivors Loss Group: Lend a hand and a listening ear
  • Counseling Services: If you're licensed in counseling or social work, provide much-needed support to our music community
  • Mental Health Team: Join our dedicated team that meets monthly to strategize and plan
Music and Programs Volunteer Role

From managing live broadcasts, producing podcasts, crafting content for 'Live at the Hive', or aiding in post-production, dive into the vibrant world of music with us.

  • Hivecasting: Dive deep into broadcasting, learn the latest tech, and manage live broadcasts.
  • Podcasting: Aid in the creation and production of our very own Boise Hive podcasts.
  • Audio Crew: Join the team for Creative Culture Beats recording.
  • Live Streaming: Craft audio and video art content for our 'Live at the Hive' sessions.
  • Post-Production: Edit our 'Live at the Hive' content for re-broadcasts and radio playback.
  • Music History Archive: Help chronicle and preserve the legacy of music.
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Business and Fundraising Volunteer Role

Drive the Hive's outreach through marketing, aid in website development, help with tech builds, innovate programs, or represent us in the community.

  • Marketing: Promote the Hive through various platforms, from radio to online. Design brochures and partake in outreach efforts.
  • Website Development: Help shape our digital presence.
  • Tech Development: Assist in building an OBS layer for Hivecasts.
  • Grants & Fundraising: Craft grant proposals or brainstorm fundraising ideas.
  • Program Development: Curate and innovate new Hive initiatives.
  • Community Representation: Represent Boise Hive at community events.
  • Documentation: Draft volunteer guidelines and manage business records.

Operations and Facilities Volunteer Role

Be the backbone of our operations, from general maintenance, cleaning, to taking care of our musical instruments and equipment.

  • Maintenance: Ensure everything's running smoothly, from plumbing to roofing.
  • Cleaning: Help keep our space sparkling and welcoming.
  • Equipment Care: Look after our precious instruments and equipment.




What is Boise Hive's primary mission?

Boise Hive is dedicated to preventing suicide within the music community. We offer counseling, education, referrals, and other mental health services tailored specifically for musicians. Additionally, we provide safe, alcohol and drug-free spaces for rehearsals, multimedia projects, and community events.

Do I need specific skills or qualifications to volunteer?

While certain roles may require specialized skills or qualifications (e.g., licensed counseling or experience in multimedia production), many of our volunteer opportunities are open to anyone with a passion for music and promoting mental health. Training will be provided as needed.

How much time do I need to commit as a volunteer?

The time commitment can vary based on the role. Some positions, like front desk roles, involve 4-hour shifts, while others might be project-based. Please let us know your availability when applying, and we'll find a role that suits your schedule.

Can I volunteer if I need to fulfill court-mandated service hours?

Yes, you can. However, it's essential to log your hours using our system. Please be aware that missing more than one scheduled shift will nullify the contract for court-mandated hours.

What support or training will I receive as a volunteer?

Boise Hive is committed to ensuring all volunteers are well-prepared for their roles. Depending on the position, we provide orientation, role-specific training, and ongoing support to help you succeed and feel confident in your contributions.

Can I switch roles or explore different areas of volunteering?

Absolutely. We encourage our volunteers to find the best fit for their skills and interests. If you're interested in trying out a new area or role, just let us know.

How does Boise Hive ensure a safe and inclusive environment for its volunteers and members?

Safety and inclusivity are paramount at Boise Hive. We maintain drug and alcohol-free spaces, provide training on safety protocols, and foster a culture of respect and understanding for everyone, regardless of background, identity, or experience.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

To get started, fill out the Volunteer Contact Form or email us directly at [email]. We'll provide you with information on current openings, the application process, and next steps.

I have more questions. Who can I speak to?

If you have additional questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is always here to assist prospective volunteers in any way we can.

Can I make a financial or equipment donation instead of volunteering?

Yes, we greatly appreciate any support. If you're interested in making a financial contribution you can so online {link]. For donating equipment, please contact our donations team for more information.