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Fostering Artistic Excellence & Well-being

Our programs are not just activities; they are lifelines for artists seeking growth, healing, and expression. They serve a wide range of community members, from veterans seeking camaraderie to young artists exploring their talents. The Boise Hive is more than a space; it's a community hub where music and mental health intertwine, creating a nurturing environment for all who participate.

Live Performances & Broadcasts

'Live at the Hive!' and Open Mic Nights offer vibrant platforms for artists to showcase their talents and gain exposure in a variety of musical genres.

Skill Development Workshops

Our educational initiatives, like the Audio Recording Class and Student Jazz, equip participants with practical skills in music production and performance.

Community Building & Inclusion

Specialized programs like Veterans Sessions, Creative Culture Beats, and Hip Hop at The Hive foster a sense of belonging and celebrate the rich cultural diversity within our community.

Live Performances & Broadcasts

Live at the Hive

Every Saturday at Boise Hive, we open up our community room for the all-ages Live at the Hive! Join us in person or live stream every show starting at 6:30 PM!
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Hip Hop at the Hive

Hip Hop at the Hive is a hands-on program, working from concept to finished product. Join us every last Thursday of the month at 6-10 PM!

Open Mic Night

Whether you're a musician, poet, or storyteller, our stage is open to all. See what's going on every last Wednesday of the month from 6-8 PM!
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Skills Development & Workshops

Student Jazz

Student composers are a focus of this program, expanding engagement to create the next generation of jazz. 2024 SEASON STARTING SOON!

Audio Recording Class

Follow the path of a production engineer from beginning to end in a professional recording studio environment.
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Audio Mixing Class

Discover editing to create a seamless sound that can be mastered professionally
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Community Building & Inclusion

Creative Culture Beats

Appreciating different cultures through the music of Idaho, Creative Culture Beats casts a spotlight on the music of underserved cultures. 2024 SEASON COMING SOON!

Veterans Sessions

We have two programs for our armed services veterans to play music together in a safe, sober space.
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HiveTronica features the electronic music and the experimental musicians of our community. 2024 SEASON STARTING SOON!

Supporting Mental Health and Well-being.

Understanding the critical link between mental health and artistic expression, Boise Hive is dedicated to supporting the emotional and mental well-being of our community members.

Individual counseling services, and support groups are integral to our mission, offering a compassionate hand to those navigating the challenges of mental health.

These services underscore our commitment to creating a safe, supportive environment where artists can thrive, both personally and professionally.

Join Our Vibrant Community.

Boise Hive is more than a space for music; it's a community where artists and music enthusiasts come together to create, learn, and grow.

Our programs reflect our dedication to fostering artistic excellence, well-being, and inclusion, making Boise Hive a unique and vital hub for music and culture in our community.

Whether you're looking to showcase your talents, develop new skills, find support, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, Boise Hive welcomes you.

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