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Programs at the Hive

Following our mission, The Hive offers various programs to promote a creative, educational, safe, and healthy environment for musicians. We are always looking or new program ideas to to expand the musicians and community that frequent The Hive. All programs are managed, lead, and developed by volunteers with the support of the Boise Hive.

What is a Program?

A program is a regularly recurring workshop, jam session, or discussion with a unified theme that happens at The Hive or at Hive-related events. Our programs are devised to empower musicians in both their musical craft as well as their mental health. Participating in these programs gives knowledge and addresses things like problem solving and conflict resolution.

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  • MayDay Micro Music Festival May 6, 2017

Live at the Hive!

Every Saturday at The Hive, we open up our community room for the all-ages Live at the Hive! featuring all forms of performance from loud rock and roll to poetry slams and intimate acoustic acts.

Our Volunteers guide aspiring musicians and promoters on setting up live shows. The ins and outs of promotion, running sound, and day-of organization skills are essential to keeping our scene functional and growing. The program is geared towards working with and featuring youth and musicians/artists that don’t have the experience of getting in front of peers and displaying their craft. A friendly, safe environment that fosters the growth of aspiring artists.

Contact our events coordinator at if you want to perform, book a show, get involved learning how production works, or simply lend a hand.

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  • Every Saturday 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Audio Recording Program

Follow the path of a production engineer from beginning to end in a professional recording studio environment. Learn how to best mic everything from drums and guitar to off the wall instruments like cello. Then expand on that concept behind the desk with mixing tutorials covering compression, reverb, EQ, etc. Finally learn the mastering and post production steps to get great final results.

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  • Learn Recording Equipment

    Discover all the tools necessary for recording a good demo, what kind of cables to use, microphones, and an introduction to the recording software.

  • Sound Frequencies & Amplitude

    Learn the specifics of what happens when you record and how to get the most out of your recordings by understanding physics of sound.

  • Recording, Mixing & Mastering

    Record your own song or a friend’s band and learn the specifics of signal flow, trouble shooting, communicating with the band, getting levels during a sound check, mixing, and mastering.

  • Present Your Work

    Listen to your track with peers for constructive feedback then premier some of the class recordings on a local radio station. Also discussions and direction regarding royalties, music licensing, and performance rights.

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Jam It Out

Mental health is the driving core of The Hive’s mission. Our Jam It Out program provides an open-form jam for veterans. We provide the basic equipment (PA, drums, amps, piano, but you should bring your own instrument) and you jump up and play a couple songs.

Meet new musicians and fellow former service people every Friday night in The Hive’s community room. Vets are encouraged to bring guests to enjoy a safe, sober, and family-friendly space while listening to some great improvised music.

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  • Every Friday 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Band Development

Learn how to grow your band in all facets with our Band Development workshops. Industry professionals and experienced peers share their trade secrets about everything from financing and marketing to rehearsal and production.

Formats for the workshops are largely panel and lecture-driven (think like TedTalks or a Q&A session) so bring something to write notes about what you learn there.

The frequency of these workshops vary. We absolutely encourage anyone interested in leading or participating a Band Development workshop to contact and further discuss a good time and place to get your workshop started

  • Bookkeeping for Bands

    Once you start making money as a band, it’s best to already have your finances properly accounted for. Dealing with the IRS is never fun. These panel discussions with experienced CPA’s and bookkeepers give bands some simple tips for keeping simple books and tracking trends in spending and income (e.g. which shirt actually sells more, what venue pays the best for the time you spend there, etc.)

    Take it from seasoned, professional musicians that keeping track of your income will make or break your ability to play music for a living.

  • Band Business Management

    Movies from the 80’s lead us to believe that you play some shows at your dingy, local bar until a manager sees you and gets you famous. This isn’t how the music business works whatsoever. Plenty of musicians make a decent living playing music and traveling the world. How they do it is by managing their music as a business.

    This goes beyond Bookkeeping for Bands (although understanding bookkeeping is incredibly important) and instead dives into merchandise strategies, tour routing, money management, and more.

  • Practice & Rehearsal Strategies

    It’s hard to get a group of people together one or two days a week, so maximizing your rehearsal time is of utmost importance. Get more done quicker and get your whole band on the same page.

  • Making a Music Video

    These great little computers we keep in our pocket to check Facebook and send emojis to friends can be used to make a music video! Or get your ducks in a row and contact a professional video production house. Either way, music videos are possibly the coolest thing to happen since the invention of the phonograph and television. They’re engaging, fun, and can better illustrate your music’s themes and ideas.

    These panel discussions are lead by experienced filmmakers that share some of their tricks and tips for getting exactly what you want out of your music video regardless of budget.